You're just getting started on your community business and want to make sure you do things right. Or, you've already started and are ready to relaunch with more clarity. A community audit can help clarify all the parts of your community, get lots of new ideas and flatten your learning curve of all the pieces needed to launch an engaging, successful and profitable community.

How it works

First we talk about your overall business goals and values. Then, I spend 2-3 weeks with your community understanding your people, your goals, what's working so far and what's not. I produce a document with specific recommendations in up to 5 areas: Business Model, Community Experience, Tools & Systems, Sales & Marketing and Leadership. When you're ready to implement, we talk one more time to go over the recommendations and set you up for success.

What you get in the full report

The report is full of recommendations specific to you, your community business and what you're looking to achieve.

  1. Business Model
  1. Community Experience
  1. Tools & Systems