For this exercise, focus on a pragmatic, short-term business model story. **Think of it as something you’d be able to execute with your current resources in the next 6-8 weeks. Your business model will likely change many times. Don’t worry too much about getting it perfect now.

This is the story we’ll be filling in for your community business:

We help [members] overcome/solve [the problem you solve] by [your solution]. We’ll find most of our customers [your main channel] and will make money by [your revenue].

Who are your members?

A few words that best describe your people (eg. soccer moms, busy college students, nerdy dog parents)

Your answer here..

What is the main problem your members are trying to solve?

Make a list of the challenges and pains your members are feeling. What are the 2-3 you can help solve?

Your answer here..

Describe your solution.

What does your offer include? (eg. monthly events, content library, mastermind groups, peer learning, etc)

Your answer here..

What's the main channel you'll use to find your members?

List all the places where your people hangout and narrow to 1-2 ways you can reach them. (your current list, Twitter, partnerships, events, other communities, etc)

Your answer here..